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      Mercedes-AMG G63 – Amuse

The Moors Marauder

There are very few cars that get a reaction quite like a Mercedes-AMG G63. It’s huge, not particularly comfortable and terrible on fuel, but it is also the ultimate lifestyle accessory, so we put it to the test hauling mountain bikes during a day of hard riding and driving on Dartmoor for Amuse.

“The 368.3 square miles of boggy vegetation will be familiar to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors and it’s possible to partake in everything from a long and challenging hike to some wild water swimming without anyone batting an eyelid.

“An impressive 37 percent of Dartmoor is common land, meaning there is 450-miles of public rights of way, most of which doubles-up as excellent single track terrain for mountain biking”


Featured onĀ Amuse, DRIVETRIBE and Flat-Out.