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         Touareg Tackles Morocco – Amuse
Marrakech VW Amuse 2018-16
Marrakech VW Amuse 2018-20
Marrakech VW Amuse 2018-25
Marrakech VW Amuse 2018-33
Marrakech VW Amuse 2018-42
Marrakech VW Amuse 2018-42

Volkswagen Touareg: Moving Mountains

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Marrakech in search of some of the most demanding driving roads in the world, this article for Amuse and Flat-Out Magazine was designed to test both vehicle and driver to their limits.

“Once the enormous Volkswagen Touareg I’m carefully piloting crests the barren-but-beautiful Toubkal Mountain – North Africa’s highest peak – the only way to get to our planned lunch stop is via a network of sinewy tracks that are barely wide enough to accommodate a donkey, let alone a two-tonne 4×4.

“But this is what drew us to Morocco in the first place: the chance to sample Volkswagen’s flagship SUV on terrain that would challenge both car and driver. So the only thing to do is draw a deep breath, and inch along the route with caution”

Featured on Amuse and Flat-Out.